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10 bad habits you shoud quit now smoking

5 Bad Habits you should quit now

5 Bad Habits you should quit now Albert Camus quotes
Albert Camus quotes

“Bad Habits are easy to quit today than tomorrow.”
Habits are behaviors or patterns that tend top occur unconsciously and regularly. When someone starts doing something continuously for a long period of time, then that becomes a habit. Bad habits gets established in our lives very easily while it’s hard to establish a good habit. To replace a bad habit with a good one, it requires persistence and self control.
Bad habits are negative behavior patters which occur continuously and without your realization. Hence, unintentionally you may end up hurting your own body and health everyday, due to your own actions.

Below are some bad habits listed, which are common in many people, these bad habits affect your brain, body, life style and productivity. By making continuous efforts and with the help of your will power and determination you can overcome these bad habits.

Procrastination is the habit of delaying something which requires immediate attention, and doing other things which are not that important.

Bad habits Abraham Lincoln quotes Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.
Abraham Lincoln quotes

You have an important work to do today but you think it can done after some time, and start doing something useless such as playing video games. This is the case of procrastination.

Procrastination is very common among people, but if someone starts avoiding or delaying important works, then it can create a huge problem.

Lack of interest in work, laziness, low will power and low ambition are some of the reasons for procrastination.
There are some simple steps, if followed, can help overcome procrastination.
– love your work and take interest in what you do.
-commitment: commit yourself to your work.
-Prepare a time table for everything you do and set a time limit to finish a particular work.

When someone spends more money that he earns then it is called overspending.
There are many reasons which leads to overspending such as,
-easy credit is available.
-due to addictive behavior.
-overspending more to impress others.
-overspending and pretending to be rich.
-low income.
-having high expenses such as medical expense.
However overspending is a common habit among many, it can be prevented by developing the habit of savings.
Savings can be developed by little planing and self-control. Plan your budget and try to avoid unnecessary shopping and use of credit.
Always try to save more than 10% of what you earn.

3)Bad eating habits
Bad eating habits include
-having snacks even when not hungry.
-eating unhealthy food.
-skipping breakfast.
-eating too quickly.
-eating junk food.
There are many bad effects of bad eating habits on your brain and body such as,
-weight gain.
-poor brain functioning.
-poor muscle strength and exercise capabilities.
-poor digestion and heartburn.
-distraction in sleep.
These bad effects can be prevented, by improving your eating habits.


10 bad habits you shoud quit now smoking
Image source Wikipedia

Smoking is one of the most dangerous bad habit. Smoking affects almost every organ of your body and causes disease and reduces health of every smoker.
Smoking kills half of smokers.
smoking kills six million people every year.
Smoking increase the risk of premature death.
Smoking is the leading cause of many disease such as lung cancer, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), erectile dis-function, birth defects, cancer of larynx and mouth, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension etc.
Feeling stressed and down are some of the reasons people start smoking.
health effects of smoking 5 bad habits you should quit now
Image source Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

5)Excess alcohol consumption

Effects of alcohol 5 bad habits you should quit now
Effects of alcohol on body

Excess alcohol consumption leads to
-damage to central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
-alcohol addiction.
-damage to central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
-alcoholic liver disease
-heart failure
-metabolic syndrome
-sexual dysfunction
-hormonal imbalance
-weakens immune system

10 Essential Qualities for Success

10 Essential Qualities for Success

 10 Essential Qualities for Success
Image Source- Pixabay

Success is achievement of a goal, action or something desired, with the help of hard work and dedication towards it.
Here I have added hard work and dedication because, if someone achieves something without doing any work it’s not success. Success is when you work hard and overcome many hurdles and achieve your goals.

We all want to become successful, and yes we can, the only condition is that we have to work hard and follow certain rules essential for success. Being a successful person proves to the world that you are smart and have achieved some valuable things in life.

Below is a list of 10 Essential qualities for Success

1)An idea
Before becoming successful you must have an idea on which you can work. This idea can be anything according to your interest such as starting a Business, writing a book or achieving academic excellence etc. The important thing in choosing your idea or way to success is that, you must know the basics of that field and have a great inclination towards it.

2)Ability of Planning.
Now you have an idea on which you will work, great. But you need a plan to work on that idea. This ability of planning is of great importance everywhere in life, because to do any thing first a plan is must.

3)Personal commitment
Promise yourself to do things necessary to achieve your goal even in difficult situations and not to give up. You must commit yourself to your goal, because total commitment is the common factor behind every success story you read and listen about.

Collect theoretical and practical understanding of the subjects related to your goal. Be familiar, aware about what is going around you and what should be done under different situations. The knowledge about your goal can be collected as facts, information, description, skill and can be acquired by discovering and learning.

5)Reasoning power
There will come many choices to be made in your journey towards success and your success depends largely on making right choices, the winning choices.These winning choices or decisions require power of reason to choose from various ways available. Power to reason can save you from great dangers and making blunders in life. The only thing every on should do is to question every thing before accepting anything.

6)An open mind
Being open minded means willing to adopt a new idea, which can be contradictory and opposing to your own views. It takes courage to listen and adopt ideas not matching your views. If you want to become a great leader, you must have an open mind which listens and considers everyone’s suggestions.


10 essential qualities for success Persistence quotes
Calvin coolidge quotes

Success can not be achieved in one day or two, you must work hard day after day to succeed. Difficulties and many failures will come before you succeed, but you must not give up there.

8)Time management
You wont get infinite amount of time to achieve your goal and we all have limited time available to plan and achieve something in life. Hence the quality of time management should be developed by every person, who wants to succeed.

You must see an opportunity in every difficulty you face this is called being optimistic. Expect marvelous results in opposing situations and always stay away from negative thinking. If you adopt this attitude it gives power to fight back.

10)Love your work

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life Confucius quotes inspirational quotes daily inspiration
Confucius quotes

We all know this, if we do something which we love, we never get tired or bored doing it.

10 Natural ways to improve your Immune system boost immune system

How to boost your Immune system

10 Natural ways to improve your Immune system boost immune system
Source : Wikipedia

Our society is making progress at a blazing fast speed, and every day a new discovery is being made around the world. But as our medical sciences are developing, the number of disease are also increasing day by day. Hence our bodies must be strong enough in order to fight these disease causing viruses and microbes. Immune system is the defense mechanism of your body, which acts against disease causing virus and other bacteria.

Immune system is a system of biological structure and process within your body that protects us from disease. In your every day life you come in contact with many infectious things and malicious viruses, but most of the time you stay healthy. Well that’s because your Immune system is working day and night, to defend your body against any disease.

The productiveness and efficiency of Immune system can be optimized by following some very simple Natural methods. Below are some natural ways to improve your Immune system.

10 Simple Ways to Improve Immune System

1)Sleep well
You may have noticed, that when you don’t sleep enough, laziness and a tired feeling acquires your body. Many infections such as cold and headache come into play, when you don’t sleep enough. It has been proven in a lab experiment that, when a bunch of student at university of Chicago were given only four hours of sleep for six straight nights, their immune system produced only half the normal numbers of antibodies. Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins produced by plasma cells that is used by Immune system to identify and kill bacteria and viruses. Hence having adequate amount of sleep, helps to improve and boost immune system.

2)Manage your Stress level
A steroid hormone called Cortisol is produced in response to stress and low level of blood glucose. This steroid hormone increases blood sugar, to suppress the Immune system.

3)Quite smoking
Smoking increase the risk of respiratory infections by affecting the immune system.

4)Drink in moderation
Consuming too much alcohol at one occasion, weakens your immune system, and your body becomes easy target of all the virus and bacteria around. Too much use of alcohol, reduces the ability of white blood cells(WBC’s) to effectively engulf and neutralize harmful bacteria.

5)Don’t skip your physical exercise
Physical exercises and Running in moderation [ See 10 benefits of running ] keep your body fit and maintains blood circulation. A healthy blood circulatory system means, antibodies and white blood cell’s, which kill virus, move throughout the body faster, so they detect any harmful element sooner and neutralize it.

6)Avoid sugar overdose
Consuming sugar or sugar containing products too much can reduce the ability of white blood cells(WBC’s) to kill germs. Hence making our body an easy target for disease.

7)Develop healthy eating habits
A balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables and whole grains helps boost your immune system. Whereas try to avoid food containing excess amount of fat.

8)Maintain good Hygiene
Washing your hands at regular intervals and not consuming any raw food material before cleaning it properly, can protect you from many infections. Also, maintain a good hygiene in your home.

9)Maintain your vitamin D level
Vitamin D can enhance the response of immune system. Sun light is the source of vitamin D.

10)Use herbal products to boost your Immune system
Walk in a super market ads you will find various products claiming to improve your immune system. Avoid using these products without prescription by doctors. Consult your doctor about which products you should use.

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