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10 Natural ways to improve your Immune system boost immune system

How to boost your Immune system

10 Natural ways to improve your Immune system boost immune system
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Our society is making progress at a blazing fast speed, and every day a new discovery is being made around the world. But as our medical sciences are developing, the number of disease are also increasing day by day. Hence our bodies must be strong enough in order to fight these disease causing viruses and microbes. Immune system is the defense mechanism of your body, which acts against disease causing virus and other bacteria.

Immune system is a system of biological structure and process within your body that protects us from disease. In your every day life you come in contact with many infectious things and malicious viruses, but most of the time you stay healthy. Well that’s because your Immune system is working day and night, to defend your body against any disease.

The productiveness and efficiency of Immune system can be optimized by following some very simple Natural methods. Below are some natural ways to improve your Immune system.

10 Simple Ways to Improve Immune System

1)Sleep well
You may have noticed, that when you don’t sleep enough, laziness and a tired feeling acquires your body. Many infections such as cold and headache come into play, when you don’t sleep enough. It has been proven in a lab experiment that, when a bunch of student at university of Chicago were given only four hours of sleep for six straight nights, their immune system produced only half the normal numbers of antibodies. Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins produced by plasma cells that is used by Immune system to identify and kill bacteria and viruses. Hence having adequate amount of sleep, helps to improve and boost immune system.

2)Manage your Stress level
A steroid hormone called Cortisol is produced in response to stress and low level of blood glucose. This steroid hormone increases blood sugar, to suppress the Immune system.

3)Quite smoking
Smoking increase the risk of respiratory infections by affecting the immune system.

4)Drink in moderation
Consuming too much alcohol at one occasion, weakens your immune system, and your body becomes easy target of all the virus and bacteria around. Too much use of alcohol, reduces the ability of white blood cells(WBC’s) to effectively engulf and neutralize harmful bacteria.

5)Don’t skip your physical exercise
Physical exercises and Running in moderation [ See 10 benefits of running ] keep your body fit and maintains blood circulation. A healthy blood circulatory system means, antibodies and white blood cell’s, which kill virus, move throughout the body faster, so they detect any harmful element sooner and neutralize it.

6)Avoid sugar overdose
Consuming sugar or sugar containing products too much can reduce the ability of white blood cells(WBC’s) to kill germs. Hence making our body an easy target for disease.

7)Develop healthy eating habits
A balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables and whole grains helps boost your immune system. Whereas try to avoid food containing excess amount of fat.

8)Maintain good Hygiene
Washing your hands at regular intervals and not consuming any raw food material before cleaning it properly, can protect you from many infections. Also, maintain a good hygiene in your home.

9)Maintain your vitamin D level
Vitamin D can enhance the response of immune system. Sun light is the source of vitamin D.

10)Use herbal products to boost your Immune system
Walk in a super market ads you will find various products claiming to improve your immune system. Avoid using these products without prescription by doctors. Consult your doctor about which products you should use.

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31 thoughts on “How to boost your Immune system

  1. Should have been “try to avoid food with added fat” instead. Our research suggests that refined carbohydrates (i.e., food containing lots of sugar, or would turn into lots of sugar) is more devastating than grass-fed organic meats, lard or butter. It’s only recently that we start to see the demonization of saturated fat being reversed in the mainstream medical community.

  2. Green juices definitely increase your immune system especially organic! All the minerals, vitamins and enzymes go straight into your system without digestion making you feel alert in less than 20 minutes giving you a stimulant like coffee only its benefitting your health too! Everyone check out my page for recipes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wonderful entry! As someone who suffers from a weakened immune system and is working to beef hers up with more sleep and less stress- it hit close to home!

  4. c.1986 I was studying the Edgar Cayce readings and material. One thing stated in them was that if the body is kept at a slightly alkaline pH level the immune system would function perfectly. In this context when a mother wrote asking whether she should immunise her child Cayce (through a reading) referred to the above and stated, “No.”
    Note: With diet and “state of mind” I have endeavoured to do just this and, in the last 25 years or more, have not had an infection – internal or superficial – except for the very infrequent dental abscess: no colds, coughs or influenza although I did have pleurisy in 1993.
    N.B. When there is a karmic necessity to experience something there is nothing we can do to avoid it.

  5. Hi Benjamine! Thank you for liking our post on Vancouver Lookout Tower, Where’s Neil Armstrong’s… Enjoyed reading your post on boosting the immune system. Good Advice!

  6. To some extent, I suppose, we all are aware ofโ€“if not making strides to improveโ€“health and fitness. They go hand in hand. This was fairly comprehensive and should give any reader a couple things they can do to begin step by step.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog recently, for liking a post and for following.

  7. I would suggest not buying herbal supplements at a grocery store, don’t consult a doctor about them because they are often misinformed about the topic. Eating fatty foods isn’t actually all that bad, you can and should eat avocados, nuts, and butter to improve your health. A good diet is most important for your immune system and I would emphasize how heavily it is linked to your GUT health. Thus eating fermented foods, probiotics, and such is key. I like to eat local vegetables that have a little extra dirt on them, haven’t been sick since I started doing that (coincidence? maybe)

  8. I wish I could get my stress levels under control. I have PCOS which causes my cortisol levels to be higher already. I have started with a few naturopathic remedies lately. Let’s hope it helps!

    In Good Health,

  9. I gave up sugar after watching a British documentry called “KILLERS IN THE TUTOR HOME. It had a whole segment on what happened to the body once sugar was added to the English diet. It was kind of scary to think a culture that had no obsessed, diebities, or tooth declay, became a huge problem once sugar was introduced. I gave up sugar in my coffee and tea and since then lost 10lb and my dentist keeps complimenting on how good my teeth look.

  10. I think that this post on 10 Simple Ways to Improve Immune System is right on point. I have had to live by these rules for the last 17 years. After a while it gets tedious but it is worth it being able to stay out of the hospital. I look forward to reading more from you.

    With all the loving-kindness I possess,


  11. A very apt post for me, as I have multiple health problems, due to a disfunctional immune system. Fortunately, I seem to be following most of what you’ve written, so I guess it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Excellent advice! Just popped in to thank you for liking my recent post. It’s no good relying on incantations to protect your immune system – eating and living sensibly are much more effective.

  13. Veey useful article indeed! With such busy lives, these articles are an effective way of reminding ourselves to keep fit

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