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Your Enemy according to Buddha

Eneny Buddhism Buddha quotes

In his teachings Gautama Buddha have mentioned the following as enemies of Human beings.

Sensual passions are your first enemy.
Your second is called Discontent.
Your third is Hunger & Thirst.
Your fourth is called Craving.
Fifth is Sloth & Drowsiness.
Sixth is called Terror.
Your seventh is Uncertainty.
Hypocrisy & Stubbornness, your eighth.
Gains, Offerings, Fame, & Status wrongly gained,
and whoever would praise self
& disparage others.
That, Namuci, is your enemy,
the Dark One’s commando force.
A coward can’t defeat it,
but one having defeated it
gains bliss.

– Gautama Buddha

44 thoughts on “Your Enemy according to Buddha

  1. Hunger & thirst are above all a basic necessity that alas can become a sensual passion only when one is ignorant & self-indulgent or a Lotus-eater. Nevertheless it’s still a good quote & above all a great blog-website

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