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Become successful with Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk
Positive Self Talk Examples

What is Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk is the act of giving positive suggestions to your self, and thinking positively in difficult situations. The act of talking to oneself, either aloud or mentally can be called as self-talk. These self talks can be positive or negative. Both positive and negative self-talk have a significant amount of impact on your mind and on your behavior, will power, personality etc. The Power of Positive Talking is very powerful.

Positive self Talk can make you Feel better about yourself, it can Boost your confidence level, it can help you to influence others, help you built your self confidence, and many others things.
Below are some examples of positive self Talk:-

Positive Self Talk examples

I am making progress.
I am strong enough to handle this situation.
I will work hard and succeed.
I am positive and optimistic about the results.
I have the power to do it and become successful.
I have faith in myself.
I believe in my abilities.
I can make it.
I love myself and others.
I will work harder and harder until i succeed.
My life is beautiful.
My hard work will pay.

All the comments above are positive and can help you gain your confidence.

As much as 77% of what you tell yourself maybe negative and working against you. Therefore it is very important to pay attention to your negative thoughts and try to eliminate them. All the decisions you take are results of what you tell to yourself. Therefore it is very important to pay close attention to what you say to your self. It is possible that you are talking to yourself and, you don’t know this. It’s very important to stay alert and positive when you talk to yourself.

Positive Self Talk is a revolutionary technique, which can help you deal with difficulties and fill your life with joy. You feel motivated and enthusiastic after reading a self help book or listening to a motivational seminar. But after a period of time you come back to your normal state. All these short term magic moments are a result of external solutions. Just reading and listening some motivational word won’t help you, because they all are external solutions.

Positive Self Talk is internal solution, because it directly affects your brain, changes your habits and behavior pattern. External solutions are temporary their results will fade away quickly and the problems will persist. Positive Self Talk is scientifically proven solution and is based on latest developments in Psychology.

Your life is a precious gift full of opportunities to fulfill your dreams, and achieve success and happiness. You expect a good job, a happy family and lifestyle from life, because you deserve it. But things don’t work out the way you expect, you don;t get all the things you desired.

A positive Self Talk is the quality that differentiate successful people from rest of the crowd. Self Talk can increase your productivity. You should first find what is stopping you, and turn it around. You should know your weak points, bad habits which are stooping you from living the life of your dreams. Make a commitment to change your bad habits and eliminate weak points. You must not fool yourself.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.
Richard P. Feynman

You may think, why i am giving so much importance to Self Talk? Aren’t there other solutions and techniques? Yes, there are many solutions and techniques, but Self-Talk is something which will give you a permanent solutions. It’s important because it’s an internal solution and affects your brain directly. Highly productive and successful people use this technique to find new ideas and overcome difficulties.

There are always many solutions for, the concrete difficulties of an average persons life. A successful life starts with mastering your own self, and if you can do that, you can control each aspect of your life.

You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself…the height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. …And this law is the expression of eternal justice. He who cannot establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others.
― Leonardo da Vinci

Your brain is your personal super-computer, which can solve any problem for you. But in order to do this, you have to program it and give right commands. These commands and programing of mind can be done with the help of Self-Talk. Think about every step that, can be helpful to you, and come up with your own solution. What made others happy and successful may not do any good to you.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.
— Rumi

Only you are the source of that everlasting energy that, can make you happy, successful and turn all your dreams into reality. Always stay positive, while talking to yourself and others.

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”
― Stephen King

I hope you found this article helpful. Waiting for your comments on this topic.

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69 thoughts on “Become successful with Positive Self Talk

  1. Hi there, I recently joined WordPress and subscribed to your blog, which I am enjoying very much.
    Thank you for this post. It is the second one of its kind I have come across today, the first one being a report on Kelly McGonigal’s keynote address at the 2015 ASHA Convention. (ASHA is the acronym of the American Speach-Language Hearing Association) (I have the url to it if you are interested in reading it, but I thought I would wait until you tell me it’s okay before sharing a link to another article on your page.)

  2. I agree. If people knew how powerful the words are that come out of their mouths, they would take a lot more care with their tongue. How we speak to ourselves can be life-altering, for better or worse. May we always choose wisdom and compassion.

  3. I admit when I stared using affirmations I felt corny. It works and I’m glad that I do it. This article reassured me and gave me even more insight.Thank you

  4. Talk about serendipity! Life was a bit stressful last week but I managed to bounce back to my usual positive self and was actually so very grateful that I’ve been blessed with a positive outlook on life. The more I read up on depression (friends and family going through it) the more grateful that I am for the cheerful genes I’ve no doubt inherited. I give thanks! I give thanks! I give big thanks! And thank you for this encouraging post. ??

  5. Hello, I love your post. I wanted to ask a short question,
    Do you have any idea if talking to oneself and letting the feelings out boosts one’s mood? This can be talking about daily things and telling yourself how you felt about it. I read something like this somewhere, but I wanted to ask your opinion on it too 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Yes 🙂 talking to yourself can boost your mood.
      You can manipulate your mood by giving right instruction to your brain.
      Positive self talk is the best way to instruct and program your mind, to boost your mood. 🙂

  6. I just love motivational posts like this. It turns my entire perspective around from negative to positive almost immediately. Thanks! I don’t know why there’s no follow link for your blog on WordPress, but I followed it anyway. Keep posting, keep inspiring! 🙂

  7. I love talking to myself. Sounds a bit weird, I know but I just find it much more easier than talking to others. And this article just taught me the right way to talk to myself. Thank you. 🙂

  8. Self-talk has never worked for me. Memorizing key Scriptures, on the other hand, then reciting and meditating upon them (essentially, praying them), has been life-changing.

  9. Great article..It is just the thing one can read to start the day with a positive note. The statement ” What made others happy and successful may not do any good to you.” is what I liked the most and I realised that it is absolutely true! Thanks for the motivation.Keep posting!!!

  10. Hi This is a very interesting article & a very important tool. Your Self-Talk has a big impact on your confidence, stress levels and can cause internal conflict. You need to learn to identify the negative thoughts immediately when you are falling into these negative traps. * Keep up the good work! *

  11. Maybe self introspection and keeping aside some time of the day for ourselves will help us come across solutions to many problems of life and also our hidden potential. I hope that we soon will see a change in the society and the initiator will definitely be you…. thanks for liking my thought on the power of smile

  12. Thanks, I enjoyed your post. It is one thing to understand the importance of positive self-talk but quite another to consistently implement it in our day to day lives. We each, individually, need to find a way that works for us to ensure we do.

  13. I love this! You are so right. Honestly, we all talk to ourselves, either we know it or not. It’s, like you say, so important to start becoming aware of what we say to ourselves and how and why we are limiting ourselves with what we say.
    You’ve totally inspired me to write a post on this topic!

  14. I considered myself as a “realistic” person, so I think first in every bad possibility and what I have to affront if something go wrong. So I don’t see many things in a positive way. Reading this article rememberme how I used to be and that impulse you need to achieve your goals, I’ll recommend this article to my friends. thanks, sorry for my bad English, I’m from Venezuela I speak Spanish.

  15. Thanks so much for all the inspiring posts- your blog is very helpful. I’m so impressed by it! Also, thank you so much for liking my post on discipline. I’m so happy you enjoyed it.

  16. I have always been a believer in positive self talk although the negative is always easier to believe. I was just telling myself “Why did I start a blog about my love of baths? Who cares?” When I should have been saying “I care and that’s all that really matters!” Thanks for the positive influence!
    -Jesica @

  17. Absolutely love love love this post. I am at a time in my life when I am trying to make sure that I stay positive and focus on the good that lies ahead and am on a journey of my own. I’m very thankful to have read this. Awesome! Thank you!

  18. Apparently the more “intelligent” people talk to themselves, but I think they are considered intelligent because they are exploring their own thoughts, and talking through something, which is a way to express AND process, rather than keep everything in your head.
    I talk to myself constantly, because it’s just a release to clarify my own thoughts, hear them aloud, and then decide what to do with them – sometimes it’s just easier to move past mental blocks, when you make it external to you, you know what I mean? i hope so 🙂

  19. I enjoyed reading not only your post, which is helpful, but also the thoughts of your readers. You’ve got a great group of people on here connecting with positive ideas and suggestions for living a better, healthier life.

    Thank you for sharing some specific examples of positive Self-Talk. I employ many of them already, but a few on there were really innovative and creative. Good work!

  20. This happens to be my current lesson to learn. I’ve had to ask myself if I would speak to others in this way my own measure of what is acceptable. I find we are typically much harsher on ourselves than we could ever be to someone else. A healthy diet of whole foods has also helped support the self love. It’s easier to be kind to everyone when you are nutritionally satisfied.

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